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Better Than This

I get a sense of pride when I know someone else enjoys listening to creations I’ve been involved in making 🙂



Bonjour Wolfette’s!!

Ready to get your punk-rock on? 21Days are going to rock you either way…


With over 1300 facebook fans why not jump on this punk-rock bandwagon while you have the chance? You can check the band out on their facebook page and give them a cheeky ‘like’ right here

Posterchildren of the rock community at the University of Portsmouth, 21Days was formed in 2011 from a melting pot of hard rock, pop punk, alt-metal and grunge.

LITTLEBEARWOLFLOVES ‘Silence’ & ‘Better Than This’. They bring me a slightly nostalgic, slightly rebellious punk-rock emotion. Hannah’s delicate yet strong vocals combined with the rocky rhythm and punk infused guitar riffs allows 21 Days to create their own take on Punk Rock with a Grungey streak.

The band describe themselves in these words ‘Imagine Lacey Sturm dominating Chris Cornell atop a monitor while Mark…

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The best place to start.

I almost definitely have no idea what I’m doing on this site. I’ve tried blogs, diaries and the like, only to ignore them days after I’ve created them.
I wanted somewhere to jot lyrics and ideas down when I’m wandering around (I’m about as good at keeping track of my scraps of lyrical papers as I am at keeping a blog going).
I’m finding lyrics pretty difficult at the moment. Melodies are like a second language to me now, I only have to hear Dan or Alex do their thing and I’ve almost certainly got the melody down in seconds. But words are something I’ve never found easy to come by, and I feel I need to change that. Lyrics are like a wall; once I’ve got the first few bricks down I’m fine building on that newly found theme. But until I have those first foundations, I’m pretty useless.
All I want from my time here is to make even just one single person in the world feel the same thrill and connection I feel from listening to musicians I find inspiring.


My band, my rock, my inspiration to continue searching for something worth spending my life on.